After 25 years in existence, OTR Global has become the industry’s most respected provider of marketplace and channel intelligence to institutional investors. The firm uses its global platform, channel research and client events to find intelligent, investable insights from around the world. OTR has integrated its sales and marketing services to ensure its clients receive critical information in a timely and efficient manner. OTR prides itself on its focus on ingenuity, pioneering unique services for its dedicated institutional client base.


OTR Global was built on the foundation of channel-based intelligence, a system of collecting information from supply chains and distribution channels, that explores trends, uncovers market inflections and monitors demand. Since its inception in 1995, OTR has been the preeminent marketplace research firm for institutional investors.

Research is presented through:

  • Syndicated research reports
  • Notes, Alerts and Snapshots
  • Custom projects 
  • Exclusive marketing events

OTR’s unique methodology has set it apart from traditional Wall Street research firms, solidifying its place as an innovator in the financial services industry.


Today, OTR Global prides itself on its extensive international reach, with offices in North America, Europe and Asia, as well as more than 120 research personnel based in 18 countries with sources in 25 countries. The firm has established long-lasting relationships with the largest and best-known mutual funds and hedge funds in the industry. OTR has grown with its clients over the years, adapting to suit changing needs in an uncertain financial landscape. The firm is dedicated to building valuable relationships and providing its partners with highly intelligent research, thoughtful ideas and essential information.

Reflecting its innovative spirit, OTR is adding new lines of business and expanding its audience.